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Match-up quiz Generator - full version now available for immediate download

This ContentGenerator.net application is available for free

The Match-up quiz generator can be downloaded via the ContentGenerator.net forum. It is freely available for any not-for-profit use.

This page will be updated further this week - visit the forum for the latest information!

The beta release includes:

  • Abilty to generate your own match-up quiz
  • With our unique interface, add the exact text that you want to appear to create six match-ups - ideal for sentences, terminology, dates and much more
  • Customise the title, author and include a 'continue' hyperlink
  • Customise the screen and title-text colours
  • Generate a fully-working quiz for your website or classroom
Try out this finished music quiz to see the current features.

More details appearing soon. For now, download the beta and post your feedback to the ContentGenerator.net forum.

Interface used in the Match-up quiz generator

ContentGenerator.net concept

The software allows anyone to create their own interactive Flash quiz without the need for programming skills or any additional expensive software. You type your questions into the interface, make your selections and then press 'generate'. The quiz is then instantly generated.

As with all the ContentGenerator.net applications the produced files can be used on any system. The quiz uses Macromedia Flash 7, which is installed on over 90% of computers and is freely downloadable.

Additional screenshots, example applications and further details will be added very soon.