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individual] and £99.99 [site licence]
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Purchase the Practice Paper generator now - instant download available.
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Program features Features:
  • Create your own revision and review activities - ideal for exam preparation.

  • Ideal to use with model answers - students type their ideas, then compare their work to a pre-prepared answer.
  • Rich-text html supported for student answers and model answers - means you can extensively customise the content with colours and text formatting options, even including hyperlinks to supporting material.

  • Multiple printing choices in the generated activity. Students can select exactly what they want to print off - such as just the questions, or just the model answers.

  • Ideally suited for use with VLEs or on websites - very useful as a student self-study and review tool.

  • Whole application has been carefully designed for ease of use. The generator interface allows you to save and load your data files. You can thus easily differentiate, adapt and improve your activities.

  • Your purchase is for the generator program - once purchased, you can generate an unlimited number of activities.
Examples Examples of the activity being used: icon Feedback from users:

  • "Having written 50 sample answers for case study questions drawn from the last 6 years of past papers I have created Unit specific Practice Past papers. These are being very well received both by staff and students. I know you spent a very long time making improvements to the generator and also getting the printing option working. A huge thank you from our department and students for this"
    Rob Chambers

  • "Thanks for making the practice papers - they are a great way to revise and really force you to know your stuff"
    Student feedback to the original practice papers.

  • "...then I tried out practice paper! It is wonderful! I have only created 2 questions and answers so far, but it just works marvelously!"
    Hester Jackson

  • See the community forums for further feedback.
Get Flash PlayerProgram requirements Requirements:
  • The generator program:
    Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Vista. Also works with Intel Macs via Parallels / VM Ware.

  • Finished activity:
    Any device with the free Adobe Flash Player installed.

  • The activities generated can be uploaded to a website, used on a school network or just directly from an individual PC. The generated activities work best when uploaded to a VLE or website, allowing students individual access.
Program development Development
  • This section will contain information about the development of the program - currently the following information still needs to be updated fully.


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